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5MP CCTV Kits IP System


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How Does 5MP CCTV Compares to the Other Resolutions?

The 5MP CCTV camera has emerged as a popular choice among security enthusiasts due to its high-resolution capacity. The term '5MP' indicates that the camera boasts a resolution of 2560 x 1960 pixels. This sums up to a total of over 5 million (5,017,600) pixels, providing a crisp and detailed video feed. To give you a sense of its advancement, this resolution is twice that of a 2MP full-HD camera.


Pixel Count

Total Pixels

Other Terminology

2 Megapixel

1920 x 1080


Full HD, 1080p

5 Megapixel

2560 x 1960


Super HD

8 Megapixel

3266 x 2450


4K, Ultra HD, UHD

2MP v.s. 5MP Video

Why Should I Choose 5MP CCTV System

One might wonder, why now? Here are compelling reasons:

How Much Hard Drive Do I need for 5 Megapixel Cameras?

Previously, higher resolution meant more storage consumption. However, with the H265+ compression technology, this isn't a concern anymore. It's so efficient that a 5MP frame occupies less space than a 2MP frame, maximizing your HDD's lifespan.

Is 5MP CCTV System Great for Value?

Just couple years ago, purchasing a 5MP IP CCTV camera would have been a costly affair due to the expensive components and lower demand. But today, with increased production and availability, you're essentially getting a 5MP camera for the price of a 2MP.

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Making the Right Choice: Types of 5MP CCTV Cameras

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What Shape of 5MP CCTV Cameras Do You Sell?

While the dome cameras offer a subtle look, the bullet cameras make their presence known. Your choice would depend on aesthetics and functionality, such as location and lighting.

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What's the Different Between Fixed Lens and Varifocal Lens for 5 Megapixel Cameras?

The fixed lens is great for broader areas, the varifocal lens offers manual adjustability, while the motorised lens provides automatic zoom control. Your choice should be based on location, accessibility, and specific requirements.

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What's the Best Recorder for 5 Megapixel CCTV Cameras?

While recorders are flexible in terms of video resolution, understanding the channel setting is crucial. Cost varies based on support for multiple channels and resolution combinations. Prioritize based on your current and potential future needs.


The Superiority of Sony Sensor in 5MP CCTV Cameras

Through extensive testing, it's evident that Sony's sensor outperforms its competitors, especially in lower light conditions. Cameras equipped with Sony's sensor ensure better color recovery, saturation, contrast, and reduced noise, making them ideal for all conditions. So, when quality is paramount, Sony's sensor is a clear winner.

Ready to Buy 5MP CCTV System?

5MP CCTV cameras offer an excellent balance between quality and value. As technology continues to advance, ensuring you have the best tools at your disposal is paramount. By understanding the nuances of different 5MP CCTV camera options, you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs.