Zxtech Onyx 32 Channel 24-PoE Ports 40TB HDD Bays 12MP/4K CCTV NVR


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Elevate your security setup with the Zxtech Onyx 32CH (24-PoE Ports) CCTV NVR, designed to provide unparalleled surveillance capabilities. This robust unit features a 32-channel recording capability, supporting both 4K and up to 12MP resolution across all channels to deliver crisp and clear imagery. With 24 built-in PoE ports and the ability to extend up to 32 IP cameras with an external switch, it offers great flexibility for comprehensive coverage. The NVR boasts advanced humanoid detection technology for precise alerts and includes sophisticated motion detection configurations. Enjoy seamless 4K playback on four channels or 1080p on sixteen, ensuring you never miss a detail. Its robust storage solution supports up to 40TB across four SATA hard drives, while H.265+ compression technology maximizes storage efficiency. Stay connected with easy cloud access for remote viewing on various devices. The unit also features flexible configuration options, including scheduling and USB backup, and comes with 2x USB ports in the front and a USB 3.0 port at the back for fast data exporting. the Zxtech Onyx NVR is the ultimate choice for those seeking high-performance, reliability, and ease of use in their security systems.

Key Features:

  • Channels: 32 total, 24 built-in PoE ports.
  • Recording: 32 Channel Recording 5MP, 8MP 4K, 12MP, all real-time 25fps.
  • Storage: Space for two hard drives, 10TB, with a combined HDD of 40TB.
  • Compression: H.265+/H.265/H.264+/H.264 methods for efficient storage.
  • Playback: Stunning 4K for 4 channels or 1080p for 16 channels.
  • Connectivity: Cloud access on various devices and browsers.
  • Configurations: Flexible scheduling, masking, and USB backup options.
  • Event Triggers: Recording, email, FTP, Snapshot, buzzer and more.
  • Ports: Audio out, USB, and network ports.
  • USB: 2 x USB in the front and 1 x USB 3.0 at the back
  • Compatibility: Supports Onvif 2.4 standards.
  • Bandwidth: 320Mbps incoming, 160Mbps Outgoing.
  • Warranty: 1-year peace of mind guarantee.

What's in the Box

  • Zxtech Onyx 32CH (24-PoE) CCTV NVR
  • Quick Start Guide
  • USB Mouse
  • Power Adaptor


    32 Channel Onyx Range NVR Range

    Max Capacity

    32 x 4K or 12MP Cameras

    32 x 5MP Cameras

    32 x 4K or 12MP Cameras

    32 x 5MP Cameras

    PoE Ports



    Max Camera Allowed



    Supported Resolutions

    5MP, 8MP, 12MP

    5MP, 8MP, 12MP

    Hard Drive Slot



    Combined Max HDD Size

    20TB (10TB+10TB)

    4TB (10TB+10TB+10TB+10TB)

    Free App

    Stream Live, Receive Real-time Alerts, Snap & Share, and Playback Anytime, Any Where, and Control Zoom

    Using the free app, stream live in 4K, receive real-time alerts, snap, share, and playback from anywhere. Select channels and times for instant playback, and view multiple cameras simultaneously. For the best view, simply rotate your phone to widescreen. You can also zoom in and zoom out using the app if connected with PTZ cameras.

    Watch Live Stream

    From Zxtech 4K CCTV Camera

    Ensure your internet speed is optimal and wait a bit longer for the 4K high-quality stream to fully load on your device. YouTube takes a while to buffer the highest quality image.


    Shaper than 1080p

    4K Recording


    Space Saving

    With H.265+

    Redefining Clarity

    2MP v.s. 5MP & 4K & 12MP

    Transition from the standard 2MP 1080p HD to the finer details of 5MP Super HD or 8MP Ultra HD when connected to 5MP or 8MP IP Cameras. For those seeking the pinnacle of clarity, our 4K NVR is the ultimate choice for your Zxtech cameras. 12MP is 6x sharper than 2MP.

    2 Megapixel



    Install Your Camera with Just One Cable

    Built-in PoE

    Come with the choice of 16 or 24 PoE Port NVR. If you already have Zxtech PoE Cameras or plan to purchase them to use with this NVR, you can bid farewell to messy cables and complex installations. Our Power over Ethernet system lets you transmit both video and power using a single network cable. By eliminating the need for separate power adapters and splitters, you benefit from a streamlined installation process that is both time-saving and cost-effective.

    Must be used with Zxtech Cameras

    Smart Humanoid Detection.

    Introducing Zxtech's advanced PoE NVR, equipped with cutting-edge AI face detection capabilities. Beyond the standard features like Motion Detection, Mobile Alerts, Masking, and Scheduling, Ensure unparalleled safety by receiving alerts or activating recordings when someone enters or crosses a predefined zone. With Zxtech, experience next-generation CCTV that proactively aids in crime prevention. Elevate your security with the future of surveillance technology. Features only available when connected to Zxtech cameras.

    Network Connection

    Connect your home router or switch to get online. If you want to connect external cameras, you will need to connect this port to a external switch or router.

    HDMI + VGA

    You can connect up to 2 displays or monitors at the same time.

    3x USB

    The NVR has a 2x USB 2.0 port on the front and 1x USB 3.0 on the back, allowing for easy connection of a mouse or memory stick to seamless extract CCTV footage from the hard drive.

    Audio Out & Audio In

    Connect external speakers to playback sound if the camera supports audio recording. Also you can connect external microphone to the recorder.

    PoE Ports

    24 PoE ports ready to connect up to 24 Zxtech cameras, each with a resolution of up to 4K or 12MP.

    With Loop Recording

    Maximized HDD for "Marathon" Recording.

    The advanced PoE CCTV NVR provides an impressive 40TB storage capacity Combined with H265+ compression technology, your recordings will use far less storage space, allowing the hard drive to accommodate up to 4 times more footage compared to the older H264 format. Additionally, the automatic loop recording ensures the oldest clips are overwritten, so you always retain the most critical evidence.

    Explore HDD

    Boosted Efficiency, Reduced Bandwidth

    Embrace the Future with H.265+

    Meet H.265+, the advanced successor to H.264. This High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard offers a significant upgrade in video quality while simultaneously slashing required bandwidth and storage needs by as much as 50%. Whether you're a homeowner or a business, this means impressive cost reductions. With the same storage capacity, H.265+ allows you to house up to 4 times the footage you'd get with H.264. Opt for H.265+ and experience the next generation of video compression, marrying cost-efficiency with impeccable clarity.

    Mac, PC, Smart Phone, TV

    Access on Any Device, Any Time

    PC, Mac

    Download the latest version of the iVMS software for your PC or Mac. This allows you to remotely monitor and review footage from your CCTV system, ensuring you stay connected wherever you are, anytime you need.

    2 Screen TV Setup

    The NVR included with the system boasts both HDMI and VGA ports on the back, enabling simultaneous connection to two external monitors or TVs. For instance, with a sufficiently long cable, you can have one display in the kitchen and another in the living room.

    Smart Phone

    In today's world, smartphones are indispensable, and so should your CCTV system be. Download the latest BitVision app to monitor, view, playback, and share your CCTV footage anytime, anywhere.

    NVR Spec Comparison

    Model NO.




    Main Processor

    Quad Cortex A53

    Operating System

    Embedded LINUX




    32ch (4000x3000, 3840x2160, 2592x1944, 2048x1536, 1920×1080, 1280×960, 1280×720, etc)






    1 Port RCA, support 32CH IPC audio input


    1 Port RCA (Linear, 1kΩ), HD output

    Audio Bit Rate


    Audio Compression standard

    G711U, G711A, AAC


    support (two-way)



    Sensor Input




    Motion Detection

    32Channel, MD Zones: 396 (22 × 18)

    Trigger Events

    Recording, Email, FTP, Snapshot, Buzzer and Screen Tips, alarm output



    HD Output1

    4K(3840x2160) / 2K(2560x1440) / 1920x1080 / 1280x1024 / 1280x720 / 1024x768

    HD Output2



    1920x1080 / 1280x1024 / 1280x720 / 1024x768

    Display Split

    36CH / 25CH / 17CH / 16CH / 13CH / 10CH / 9CH / 8CH / 6CH / 4CH / 1CH

    Digital Zoom



    Camera Title, Time, Recording, Motion Detection, Event Alarm



    Video Compression



    12MP(4000x3000),8MP(3840×2160),6MP(3072x2048),5MP(2592×1944),4MP(2688×1520/2560×1440),3MP(2048×1536),1080P(1920×1080),1280x1024,960P(1280x960),720P(1280×720),960H(960x480)D1 (720×576/720×480)

    Record Rate

    PAL :12MP@32CHx25fps, 8MP@32CHx25fps, 5MP@32CH×25fpss, 4MP@32CHx25fps, 3MP@32CH×25fps, 1080P@32CH×25fps, 960P@32CH×25fps, 720P@32CH×25fps, D1@32CH×25fps

    NTSC: 12MP@32CHx30fps, 8MP@32CHx30fps, 5MP@32CH×30fps, 4MP@32CH×30fps, 3MP@32CH×30fps,1080P@32CH×30fps, 960P@32CH×30fps, 720P@32CH×30fps, D1@32CH×30fps

    Record Mode

    Manual\Timer\Motion Detection\ Alarm\Smart Event

    Playback & Backup


    Local Sync Playback

    2CH 12MP@30fps, 4CH 8MP@30fps, 6CH 5MP@30fps, 8CH 4MP@30fps, 16CH 1080P@30fps, 32CH 720P@30fps, 32CH D1@30fps

    Decode Capability


    Remote Sync Playback


    Search Mode

    ALL, Timing Video, Motion Detection, Alarm,Tag search,Smart Event,Pictrue,Log

    Playback Functions

    Play, pause, fast forward, rewind, previous frame, next frame, electronic zoom, clip, audio

    Backup Mode

    USB Device/Network




    1xRJ45 10M/100/1000MAdaptive Ethernet Interface

    Incoming Bandwidth


    Outgoing Bandwidth


    Network Functions



    Profile S, Profile T

    Web Browser

    Edge,IE8-11, Google Chrome , Firefox ,Safari

    CMS Software

    Support Windows 7/ Windows 8/Windows 10/Windows 11/MAC OS

    Cloud Support


    Smart Phone

    iPhone, Android


    24x Independent 100Mbps POE Network Interfaces(Output power AF mode 15W per port), 45/78 line order, Total Power Output≤ 200W, Support Plug and Play, Support network cable extended mode Max. 200M





    Interface Type

    4 SATA Hard Disk Interface (3.5" SATA)


    Up to 10 TB capacity for each HDD





    Language UI

    Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese,English, Russian,Deutsch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Janpanese,Ukrainian, Polski,Dutch, Greek, Czech, Arabic

    USB Interface

    Front panel: 2 × USB 2.0; Rear panel: 1 × USB 3.0



    Power consumption

    100-240VAC , 50/60Hz ≤20W(Without Hard Disk and POE)

    Working Environment

    -10℃~50℃, 10%~90%(humidity)

    Product Dimension(W×D×H)

    440mm × 372mm x 69mm

    Net Weight

    4.73kg (without HDD)

    Gross Weight

    6.1kg(without HDD)

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